Baby Artist is a new application for our kids to play with iPad®.

They can express their creativity in a fun and easy way.
At the same time, they can learn to play with colors, pens, stickers, following dotted lines, and making nice drawings.
They can do all of those easy and intuitive things with Baby Artist.

The interface was conceived as an application that is fun and easy to handle.
Toddlers tested the interface and responded very positively.

Baby Artist asked 5 graphic artists to create more than a hundred follow-the-dots pictures; all are included in our offer.

With Baby Artist, you also can save the drawings in your photo gallery, send it by email, or publish it on Facebook®
To enhance your kids' hard work, Baby Artist erases the dots before displaying the result, so only the drawing is shown.

We are very attentive to your comments. Please do not use the comment form to inform us of problems with the application, we will be unable to answer you.
If you need to contact us, use the contact form, we will answer to all emails in french or english.